25 Youtube Videos to Fight Obesity

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta has been running ads designed to attack Georgia’s childhood obesity epidemic. The campaign is making an impact, but the strong tactics are raising questions whether the negative campaign ads may cause stigmatization.

This is the ABC report about the ads:


Below are two of the ads from the campaign.

After viewing the ads, I decided to search Youtube for other videos about obesity. There are many out there. Below are ones that I thought leave an impression and that can make people think twice about their eating habbits and activity lifestyles.


Childhood Obesity Prevention featuring Shrek


“Measure Up” Australian obesity TVC


‘Break the Habit’ – Chldhood Obesity Ad Austrailia


Childhood Obesity Commercial from the Ulster County Department of Health


USDA Proposes Calorie Limit for School Lunch


Priceless: School Lunch


Lunch Encounters of the Third Kind


Childhood Obesity – Soda


Drinking pure fat – NYC Health Anti-Soda Ad



PHSKC – Sugar-loaded beverages


How much sugar in a can of cola?


Top Ten Obesity Causing Foods (16 minutes but interesting)


Japan vs. USA Diet, Why Japanesse Men and Women Live So Long


Obesity Advert


Physical activity – It All Adds Up


Let’s Move – Wallet


Get Active Be Active Campaign


QLD Government – Eat Well Be Active Ad


Obesity Commercial (dark humor)


Obesity Trailer


Obesity Message


Obesity “Take Care Of That” (Cartoon Version)


Diabetes Commercial



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